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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Airport Authority Board
  3. Airport Board Regular Meeting Packet
  4. Board of Adjustments
  5. Board of Adjustments Meeting Packet
  6. City Council
  7. City Council Packets
  8. City Council Power Point Presentations
  9. City Manager Advisory Committee
  10. City Manager Screening Committee
  11. Friends of the Coleman
  12. Library Board
  13. Mayor’s Citizen’s Co-Operative Advisory Board
  14. Mayor’s Citizen’s Co-Operative Advisory Board Packet
  15. Mayor’s Flood Advisory Board
  16. Mayor’s Flood Advisory Board Packet
  17. Miami Board of Review
  18. Miami City Zoning and Planning Commission
  19. Miami City Zoning and Planning Commission Packets
  20. Miami Community Facilities Authority (MCFA)
  21. Miami Community Facilities Authority Packet (MCFA)
  1. Miami Community Foundation Board
  2. Miami Development Authority (MDA)
  3. Miami Development Authority (MDA) Packet
  4. Miami Downtown Redevelopment Authority (MDRA)
  5. Miami Downtown Redevelopment Authority (MDRA) Packet
  6. Miami Housing Authority (MHA)
  7. Miami Industrial & Public Facilities Authority (MIPFA)
  8. Miami Industrial and Public Facilties Authority (MIPFA) Meeting Packets
  9. Miami Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)
  10. Miami Recreation, Tourism, Convention, & Visitors Advisory Board (MCVB) (MRTCVB as of 08162016)
  11. Miami Retirement Control Board
  12. Miami Special Utility Authority (MSUA)
  13. Miami Special Utility Authority (MSUA) Packets
  14. Miami Special Utility Authority (MSUA) PowerPoint Presentations
  15. Miami Steering Committee
  16. Miami Street Oversight Committee
  17. Notice of Public Hearing
  18. Parks & Recreation Board
  19. Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Packets
  20. Public Utility Board