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1. If I see a pothole or anything that impairs the normal flow of traffic, such as loose manhole covers, debris in the street or flooding, is there anywhere online that I can report it?
2. I need to have my street swept. There is a lot of broken glass in the street
3. What do I do if a stop sign is missing, damaged, or faded?
4. How do I report a stop sign that is blocked and cannot be seen?
5. How do I report a missing street name sign?
6. Where do I report a street light that is out, cycles on and off or one that stays on during the day?
7. What do I do if there is a traffic signal out, or if the signal equipment has been damaged or is missing?
8. How do I get a pothole repaired?
9. How does the City prioritize the snow removal effort during a storm?