What is Wastewater?
Wastewater is a combination of used water that comes out of homes, schools, businesses, restaurants, car washes and industries. Wastewater contains a number of different substances, most importantly Total Suspended Solids (TSS). Suspended solids in the wastewater, if not removed and discharged into the environment, can decay or break down naturally by consuming oxygen. This demand for oxygen commonly known as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of how clean the wastewater is.

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1. How do you disinfect wastewater?
2. How is Wastewater Treated?
3. How often do you test the treated wastewater?
4. My sewer is stopped and backing up, who do I call?
5. What does the Waste water Collection Department do?
6. What if I have sewer odor in my house?
7. What if the service lateral is broken in the City's right of way or easement?
8. What is a lift station and how does it work?
9. What is Wastewater?
10. What should I do if I have a sink hole or cave-in in my yard?
11. What should I do if I have water shooting out of my toilet?
12. What should I do if I see sewer water coming out of the ground or from a manhole?
13. What substances should never go down the drain?
14. Where are the lift stations located?
15. Where does the sewer water go?
16. Who maintains the service lateral from my home or business?
17. Why is there a manhole in my yard?
18. Why Treat Wastewater?