When is an inspection required?
Most of the permits issued by the City of Miami require inspection. The type of permit issued determines the type of inspection needed. The permit clerk issuing the permit will instruct you to call for inspections if one is required.

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1. What is needed if the Utility Billing Office requires a city inspection to turn electric service on?
2. What is needed if Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) Company requires a city inspection to get your gas turned on?
3. When is an inspection required?
4. How do I schedule an inspection?
5. When will the inspector come?
6. Can I request a time for the inspection?
7. Where is the Building Inspection Department?
8. What are the hours for the Building Inspection Department?
9. What is the cost for inspections?
10. Will the City of Miami bill me for my license?
11. Will my license be prorated if I apply for it after July 1st?