What do I do if a stop sign is missing, damaged, or faded?

Call dispatch to report the problem at 918-542-6685. Please have the following information available when you call:
•Where is the sign located?
•What are the street names including St. or Blvd. or Ave. and NW, NE, SE, etc.
•For the sign in question, what direction is the traffic going?
•If it is a residential street, what are the nearby main cross streets?
•Is the sign coming out of a parking lot or private property? (Such as: a business, church, school, etc.) Signs leaving private parking lots are privately owned. You need to contact the store or property Management.
•Is the sign is wooden or painted and within a park or recreation area?

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3. What do I do if a stop sign is missing, damaged, or faded?
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