The Miami Regional Airport is located northwest area of Miami, OK., on approximately 300 acres. We are hoping to see the Airport become an aeronautical development.

Opening in 1938, the airport soon became an intricate part of Miami's development. In 1941, Spartan School of Aeronautics opened a school in Miami, training British Flyers, preparing them to fight the War in Europe. The primary training was in the PT-19. The cadets later graduated to the BT-13 and the T-6 which became the basic trainer. The T-6 aircraft is depicted in a painting by one of the cadets which hangs in the lobby of the airport. That same picture was later painted on the wall of the lobby, by Miami artist, Jessica Stout.

Fifteen of the cadets became casualties of the training and are buried at G.A.R. Cemetery. Each year, Miami has a dedication ceremony in honor of the fallen British flyers.

In November of 1942, RAF training ended at Miami and the airfield became a primary (Stage 1) pilot training airfield assigned to AAF Flying Training Command, Gulf Coast Training Center (later Central Flying Training Command). The Civil instructors were retained under USAAF control. For a short time starting in 1952 it had scheduled flights - Ozark DC-3 fleets.

Currently, the airport has 28 hangers to rent as well as a jet pad. We have an asphalt runway designated 17/35 that is 5,020 feet' long and 100 feet wide. The load capacity is 22,000 lbs. single axle and 44,000 lbs. double axle. We can accommodate a variety of larger aircraft.

We also have a FBO with many years of experience; having worked all over the world on diversified aircraft. We have both Avgas and JetA, self-service or full; and accept major credit cards, as well as FuelMaster. Our friendly staff welcomes you to our facility (PDF) with a welcome packet, and complimentary coffee or bottled water. In addition, we have courtesy cars for your use while you conduct your business in the Miami area. These may be kept overnight in the event you need to stay in one of our hotels/motels or see Miami's attractions (see brochures in your welcome packet).

If your party requires food for their return trip, our Admin. Assistant will be glad to arrange catering, with advance notice.

We want to make your stay in Miami as pleasant as possible. We hope you will come visit us and experience our hospitality.

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Services Provided

  • Self-Service and Full Service Av gas and Jet Fuel
  • JetA Fuel Truck
  • Jet Pad
  • No Landing or Tie down Fees
  • Office attendant Monday - Saturday 8 a.m - 5 p.m.
  • Sunday 1 p.m. until 5 p.m.
  • A Pilot's Lounge - Unicom
  • Fixed Base Operator
  • 2 Certified Flight Instructors
  • Runway of 5,020 feet
  • Courtesy Cars
  • Twin Hangars for rent $210 (40x60)
  • T Hangers for rent $80 and $110 (30x40)

Airport Projects

  • 2017 Runway Lights

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